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“Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything. – Josef Stalin, Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union, 1922-1954.

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WatchTheVote is a non-partisan organization. We want honest vote counts for everyone, and we support everyone’s right to vote, regardless of party affiliation.

CONFERENCE CALL to discuss Voter Suppression / Election Fraud in the California Democratic Primary, and what we can do about it:

The next call is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28 at 7 pm PDT / 10 pm EDT

Phone Number: 605-562-3140  —  Access Code: 168055#

The Goal:

To amass 10,000 – 15,000 Declarations to be presented to multiple Civil Grand Juries for immediate attention, to be used in future lawsuits (a few in preparation), to apply pressure to the CA Secretary of State, county election officials and others, and for future political organizing in the precinct system to replace the county party leaderships and restore honest, transparent elections.

Please click the following link to submit a VOTER DECLARATION:

California Voter Declaration

After submitting a Declaration, please spend a little extra time and submit a Grand Jury Complaint in your county. It’s easy to do, can have a huge effect, and can work very quickly.

See ‘Grand Jury Complaints’ & ‘Grand Jury Power’

We are in a battle against a corrupt system (and against criminals within that system) that MUST be attacked from many different angles. Our effort here is one of those angles that has the potential to accomplish a lot very quickly.

There are other groups fighting the battle from other angles (on different fronts). We should support and help each others efforts. Other groups that are also in the battle, working to get an honest vote count for Senator Sanders and for everyone else, whose efforts we support:


TrustVote.org on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trustvote.org/


‘Ballots For Bernie’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ballots4Bernie/

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  Please also visit Guardians For Liberty’s ‘Restore Transparent Elections’ page for in depth information on the Computer Vote Fraud vs. Honest Elections issue at http://GuardiansForLiberty.com/liberty-principles/3-restore-transparent-elections/


The Facts on WatchTheVote2012, the Saga of Edward True, and why the Iowa State GOP was forced to change their published winner from Romney to Santorum, two weeks after the Presidential Caucus of January 3, 2012.


Edward True and Judy SpadySee Edward True’s Earth Shaking Affidavit 

& Judy Spady’s Screenshots of the “Error”


Edward True and WatchTheVote2012 teamed up to publish his story and affidavit on January 4th. A week later, Newsweek Senior Columnist John Avlon picked up the story in his column at TheDailyBeast.com — and within hours was on Erin Burnett’s CNN show, “OutFront”, with Edward True as a guest also.

All this publicity resulted in the announced winner of Iowa Caucus 2012 changing from Romney to Santorum — Showing the POWER of one citizen Eye-Witness in a transparent Caucus (like Iowa’s). Such an eyewitness is rendered impossible in South Carolina, Florida, and beyond – due to secret computer “counts.”

CNN Reported at 6:30 AM, Jan 19, 2012: Santorum now wins Iowa Caucus by 34 votes (kind of) – as Iowa GOP Election Officials Pretended to be confused — saying that the real count “may never be known.”

Check Here for a link to Our Analysis of the Romney to Santorum switch
including the REAL VILLAINS BEHIND ENABLING THE IOWA State GOP HQ TO FEIGN CONFUSION at this juncture about the 2012 Iowa Caucus Winner!

CNN Videos: On Edward True & WatchTheVote2012

CNN Video: Edward True appears on CNN in an excellent report by Newsweek Columnist John Avlon and host Erin Burnett!

CNN VideoEdward True mentions “WatchTheVote2012” in Live Phone Interview on CNN (Thanks, Edward!)

Related Daily Beast Column: Senior Newsweek Columnist breaks ranks with National Media and does some real reporting on Edward True Affidavit and its consequences 

Edward L. True Affidavit
Which Led to the Change of Winner In Iowa Caucus 2012

Click Here for True Affidavit & Screen Shots from Iowa GOP State Website on Caucus Nite

Iowa GOP HQ Squirming Under Light of Edward True Affidavit — Misses Certification date — Click here for analysis and recent articles, including a WSJ article

Black Box Voting (Bev Harris, “star” of HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”) carries article about Edward True:
Click Here for Black Box Voting Article mentioning Edward True

Iowa State GOP HQ Backs down after 1/2 day of trying to discredit Edward True — GOP Appanoose County Chair in Iowa confirms the truth of Edward L. True’s affidavit
Thank you, Mr. Brinegar. Click here for Des Moines Register story.

Click here for why everyone should disregard the idiotic comments of Professor Dennis Goldford of Drake University criticizing the Iowa Caucus Local Process in the above linked story