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The Commission needs to see the documentation that proves that ES&S, Dominion. & Hart Intercivic own and control well over 90% of the election equipment and re-programmable election software used in our elections across the USA.

July 15, 2017

To those of us who have been working hard to restore genuine election integrity. We need to submit our evidence to the committee NOW —–

Below is an excerpt from the letter sent to the 50 Secretaries of State from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity asking them to submit documentation and recommendations to solve our election integrity problems.

We need to involve ourselves in this process. This is an open door for those of us who have been documenting the problem for years and who have real solutions to submit the evidence and make them put it in the public record along with our recommendations.

Boycotting this commission solves nothing. We need to guide and direct it. If they want to focus only on voter fraud, we make them focus on Election integrity including the black box voting machines and the computerized vote count vulnerabilities and rigging.

Now is the time to submit our documented evidence.

If they refuse to look at it then use to courts to make sure our evidence is presented into the public record. We ( and many groups like have videos, articles, testimonies, sworn affidavits, court records proving voting machinery, software, and ballots have been tampered with nationwide. Submit the evidence.

Any evidence you have of tampering or collusion in hiding an open and transparent vote count in caucuses, primaries, or State Convention election processes related to any Federal Election needs to be presented.

The Commission (everyone of them) needs to see Bev Harris’ “Hacking Democracy” which is available for streaming and DVD for rent or to own at and from other sellers.

The Commission needs to see the documentation that proves that ES&S, Dominion. & Hart InterCivic own and control well over 90% of the election equipment and re-programmable election software used in our elections across the USA.

We finally have an email address for the Commission for sending our documentation to:

They are requesting from the State’s SOCs certain info described in the 7 points in the excerpt below. This covers a lot of ground, but don’t expect the State’s SOCs to provide much in the way of anything real useful since they all like to think they run great elections in their States. So let’s send them a tidal wave of evidence and proof and show them how we can have open and transparent elections counted and reported from each of the precincts instead of decided in black boxes that no one can see.


Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity



“As the Commission begins it work, I invite you to contribute your views and recommendations throughout this process. In particular:

What changes, if any, to federal election laws would you recommend to enhance the integrity of federal elections?

2. How can the Commission support state and local election administrators with regard to information technology security and vulnerabilities?

3. What laws, policies, or other issues hinder your ability to ensure the integrity of elections you administer?

4. What evidence or information do you have regarding instances of voter fraud or registration fraud in your state?

5. What convictions for election-related crimes have occurred in your state since the November 2000 federal election?

6. What recommendations do you have for preventing voter intimidation or disenfranchisement?

7. What other issues do you believe the Commission should consider?”


You may submit your responses electronically to




Any member of the public wishing to submit written comments for the Commission’s consideration may do so at any time at via the Federal eRulemaking portal at the following link: Click “Comment Now” and then follow the instructions provided. Please include your name, organization (if any), and the notice number on your attached document. Please note that any information, including personal or contact information, that you provide on the comment form or in an attachment will be publicly disclosed as it is entered, searchable on the Internet, and included in any paper docket. Commenters may also choose to remain anonymous.

Public comments may also be submitted via mail. Please address public comments to: 

Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,
1650 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), Rm. 268,
Washington, D.C. 20504

Please note that any written comments received via mail will be uploaded to the docket on, where they will be viewable in full by the public, including any personal or contact information. The Commission values public comments and input.”

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Those of you who know how to contact the following, please forward this urgent call to:

Facebook: US Elections Systems & Reports – Corporate Takeover

Facebook: Occupy Rigged Elections

(Any other group you can think of who is doing work in this area)