Appendix G – Proposed Disclaimer for Boards of Elections

Disclaimer Required for federal funding of County Elections.

Via “Executive Order” by the President of the United States

REQUIREMENT FOR FEDERAL FUNDING: In order to receive federal funding for elections, the following “disclaimer” must be attached to all certified election results of a county.

[At top of the title of “Certified Results”, place an asterisk (*). For example,

Certified Election Results for Doe County*”


[At bottom of certified results]

* DISCLAIMER: This election’s certified results are based upon registration data, and ballots counted and tabulated by computer systems. The county election clerk has not the resources to examine computer codes (or “firm-ware”) line-by-line, or “code path-by code path”, to assure the registration and vote results are accurate. Nor has the county clerk or staff been trained professionally for proper computer security protocols. Therefore, the county election clerk has to “blindly trust” the software vendor (or examination of the software by the (state) Secretary of State) that the results are accurate. Further, the county election clerk has to “blindly trust” that the registration, voting and vote counting computer systems comply with two U.S. Supreme Court cases honoring voter’s rights to know that their votes were counted accurately. (See: US v Mosley (1915) & Reynolds v Sims (1964)).

Proof of compliance must be provided to the Secretary of State of the United States, and the Secretary of State of the respective state within 30 days after the certified election results.

Failure to provide this disclosure on all certified election results is an automatic termination of future state and federal funding for any county run election.