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These are some of the most important websites and links:

(Watch The Vote USA does not necessarily agree with everything said on every website or video, or in every article or book, featured on our website, — However, the websites, articles, videos, etc. that we recommend are generally excellent, and should be known to the public.) — What are the 12 Election Night Gatekeepers doing on Election Night? — especially articles in the blue box on right side of Home Page. — Bev Harris’ website, including free PDF of the book, Black Box Voting — Where you can find which of the 3 mega-election-vendors “counts” each county. — Where you can find the Colliers’ groundbreaking 1992 book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America” — Dr. Laura Pressley’s crime-busting lawsuit which is now before the Texas Supreme Court — Includes the work of John Brakey regarding ballot images.

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UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary


Hacking Democracy Trailer:

Watch ‘Hacking Democracy’ online or purchase DVD here:

‘South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul’ –
‘Watch the Vote 2012 – Iowa Caucus’ –

hidden 4th


‘How to Rig an Election’ by Victoria Collier:
Sane Progressive Election Fraud Coverage (YouTube Playlist):
UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary — (If short on time, FF to 10:28)…