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Advantages to Requiring Voters to Vote in Person, AT Your PRECINCT


How Votes Must be Counted: Transparency, Honesty, Verifiability


WatchTheVoteUSA’s Ground-breaking Report

Submitted to

President Trump’s ‘Presidential Advisory Commission

On Election Integrity’

Does your state care about voter fraud, people stealing ...

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WTV Report to PACEI

(As submitted to the Commission 12/18/2017)

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WatchTheVoteUSA’s Proposed Executive Order for

President Trump to Protect Our Election Systems

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Proposed Executive Order

(As submitted to the White House July 22, 2018)

EXECUTIVE ORDER 3 | Meme Generator

Open Letter to Donald Trump

Regarding Solving the Election Count Problem

(As published November 14, 2020)

Excellent Discussion on Election Transparency and

Digital Ballot Images:

Bard’s Logic: Election Fraud with Guests John Brakey and Jim Condit Jr.

(Broadcast August 02, 2018)

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Fraud, and the Election Night Gatekeepers, go to our

Computerized Vote Fraud‘ & ‘ELECTION SOLUTIONS

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  • The Grand Jury is a powerful tool to ensure honest elections – if we would only use it!

  • Important Links to websites & information concerning VoteScam & Election Integrity

The Amazing WTV / Edward True Story

Watch The Vote USA is the group that teamed up with Iowan Edward True to force the Iowa GOP to change the winner of the 2012 Presidential Iowa Caucus from Romney to Santorum, a first in US political history as far as we know. (See the story, including two short CNN videos, at the ‘WTV/Edward True Story’ menu item under the ‘More’ tab.)

Sometimes we everyday voters can effect real change. Victories ARE Possible!


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