Supporting Documentation

Almost every piece of documentation cited on this page is relevant to all the statements in the “General Concerns” section of the Voter Declaration.

General Concerns Statement #1 (I do not trust the voting process and the vote counting process in my county. As a result, I feel my vote may not count.)

Documentation: “Voting: What Is – What Could Be” published by the MIT / CalTech Voter Technology Project in 2002 concluded that out of 100 million votes cast in the 2000 Presidential election, 6 million of those voted were destroyed by computer systems, or otherwise left uncounted. Here is the link to the entire study:

Hacking Democracy” HBO Documentary DVD (Proves that entire elections can be altered by manipulating computer software programs)

Uncounted” Documentary / DVD: Quotes from Preview/Trailer: “Computers are the new 21st century threat to the voting process” and “With these machines you can alter the outcome of a national election, undetectably.”

Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris (book) free online at:

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General Concerns Statement #2 (I believe the electronic vote count is highly vulnerable to fraud. I also suspect that fraud occurred in the electronic vote count against Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary.)

See above cited documentation, and:

Pandora’s Black Box: Did It Really Count Your Vote” by Dr. Philip O’Halloran (16 page pamphlet) – Documents, among many things, that Election Vendors have planted two way modems in county election computers.’halloran_pandora’s_box.htm

How a Private Company Counts our Vote on Election Night” by Christopher Bollyn

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General Concerns Statement #3 (I am concerned that California votes are tabulated using computer software programs. These programs are owned and maintained by a handful of private corporations. I’m most concerned that the software source code is kept secret from public election officials and the public.)


See above cited documentation, and:

How They Could Steal the Election this Time” by Ronnie Dugger, The

Nation magazine, August 2004 – especially the first few paragraphs documenting the handful of private companies hired by county Boards of Election which have counted over 90% of the votes in the USA since 1988.

Update: “Election Nite Gatekeepers”

This recently posted “Election Nite Gatekeepers” article and video which updates the Nation article by Ronnie Dugger of 2004, is part of an Open Letter website that could have been addressed to any leader, politician, or media celebrity with a big microphone. It was in fact addressed to Donald Trump circa September 2015, and can be found here:

The Landes Report (Lynn Landes; Excellent articles on many subjects related to election integrity issues. Found here:

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­­­General Concerns Statement #4 (I am concerned that the Major Media projected Hillary Clinton as the “winner” of the California Democratic Primary on election night. Then, three days later, the Secretary of State confessed that 2 million votes were still not counted.)

Votescam: The Stealing of America, 1993 book by the late Collier Brothers, Jim and Ken Collier. Available online.

A House Without Doors”, article in Chronicles Magazine, November 1996.

Investigative Reporter Lynn Landes turns her spotlight on National Election Pool (NEP) and the exit polls it reports to its owners, the five Big TV Networks and the Associated Press: Found here:

National Election Pool (NEP) on Wikipedia, documenting that NEP, which reports exit polls a published computer results to its owners on election night, is owned by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire service. The previous name of National Election Pool was Voter News Service (VNS), as explained on the below Wikipedia web page on NEP: “The precursor was Voter News Service, which was disbanded in 2003, after controversies over the 2000 and 2002 election results.” Here is the page:

And here is the page about NEP on the Edison Research website:

And here is the Wikipedia page on Voter News Service (VNS), proving that National Election Pool (NEP) was the same operation under a new name and new corporation. The above mentioned “Votescam” book (1993) and the “A House Without Doors” article (1996) as well as other resources published before 2004, refer to Voter News Service (VNS).

Questions and answers about National Election Pool (NEP), by a website that takes the whole operation at face value.

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General Concerns Statement #5 (I am concerned that mail in ballots and ballots from the neighborhood polling places are taken out of the public sight, where such ballots are vulnerable to tampering or switching. (For around 200 years in America physical ballots were counted, and results posted, before ballots left the public sight.))

Documentation: It is common sense that whenever ballots disappear from public sight, those wanting to fix elections then have the opportunity to alter or switch the ballots. The elements of an honest election are:

* paper ballots counted in public, right as the polls close, by randomly pre-selected voters from that neighborhood precinct

* It is essential that the ballots be counted, and the results posted on the polling place wall, BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

Note: absentee ballots would be mailed to a large glass case in the center of each city/town, placed in the glass case only by the postman. This glass case is to be guarded by law enforcement 24 hours a day from the beginning of absentee balloting until election day. On election night, as the polls close, these ballots are taken out of the glass case, the envelopes opened and sorted by precinct, and then counted like a large precinct, with, of course, more poll workers.

More could be added to this section, but this is the brief anatomy of an honest, transparent election.

Why secret counts are illegal and in violation of three still-standing US Supreme Court decisions: