Appendix A: Who is Watch the Vote USA?


Appendix A: Who is Watch the Vote USA?

Watch the Vote USA has proven more cases of vote fraud and computer-related vote fraud in the United States of America than any other group, as far as we know.

In 1996, (under our name at that time, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, changed to Watch The Vote USA in 2007) we proved that the Iowa state GOP and Voter News Service in New York City (now National Election Pool, but continuously controlled by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP Wire) colluded to steal 13% of GOP Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County, Iowa on February 12, 1996, the night on which the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses were held that year.

We had eyewitnesses in all 41 classrooms in which the local caucuses met in Dubuque County, as well as the results from each caucus posted on a Blackboard at Hempstead High School by Republican Party Dubuque County Chairman at that time, Rod Blum (an honest man who was supporting Senator Phil Graham), which showed the real results, hand-counted by Caucus voters in each of the classroom Caucuses.

The computer generated “count” generated by Voter News Service (VNS) in New York City, where all County Chairmen were directed to call their results by the Iowa State GOP, and which company (VNS) was operating with the full permission of the Iowa State Republican Party, showed a proven falsified result which was sent out nationwide by their fellow VNS member AP Wire overnight, and published nationwide in newspapers the next morning. Despite weeks of effort on the part of this writer and others, the Iowa state GOP and the TV Network / AP wire-controlled Voter News Service (VNS) refused to budge an inch to correct the fraudulent result they published for Dubuque County, Iowa.

Please note: the only reason this fraud by the Iowa state GOP and VNS could be caught by Watch the Vote USA (then under the name Citizens for a Fair Vote Count) is because there was a publicly conducted hand count of paper ballots conducted in the 1996 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses that year, as there has been every Caucus year, which the citizens of Iowa could witness. To be clear: if there were a secret computer count conducted, as is conducted in 49 states and half of New Hampshire in the General November election – there would have been no chance of catching the falsification of the vote in Dubuque County in 1996. The fact that the Iowa state GOP and Voter News Service (VNS), now National Election Pool (NEP), adamantly refused to correct the proven falsification in Dubuque County that year, raises serious suspicions that this unsavory team falsified the results against Buchanan and his supporters in all 99 Iowa counties, because no one was watching the vote in the other 98 counties.

Despite the clear and proven hand-count of paper ballots, or show of hands, at the local level in Iowa in 1996, the fraudulent computerized “results” published by Voter News Service (VNS) in New York City (with the full delegation, permission, and support of the Iowa State GOP that year) effectively stole 13% of Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County alone. No one was watching the other 98 counties that night. IF the Iowa GOP in collusion with Voter News Service stole an average of 4% of Buchanan’s vote across the board in Iowa that night, then Patrick J. Buchanan, not Senator Robert Dole, won the very important Iowa Caucus that year. This fraud was brought to light the next day, but the Iowa state GOP and VNS (now NEP) have stonewalled this proven vote theft to this day.

On January 19, 2012, the very same day the Iowa GOP certified the results of the January 3, 2012 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus, the Des Moines Register finally acknowledged and published the truth that at that time in 1996 some participants and observers thought that Buchanan, not Senator Robert Dole, was the actual winner of the 1996 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus.

This brief explanation only touches the surface of the corruption of the Iowa State GOP and the 5 TV Networks in this matter, which is more fully explained in the November 1996 article, ‘A House without Doors, published in the prestigious Chronicles Magazine, and included in Part 7 of this report.

The Edward True Saga 2012

In 2012, by the grace of God, key members of Watch the Vote USA (the new name came about in 2007) noticed first time Iowa Caucus attendee, Mr. Edward True, asking for help on CNN’s Facebook page the day after the January 3rd, 2012 Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus. The Watch the Vote founder and his father, an attorney, talked to Edward True and drafted an affidavit detailing what he had witnessed at his local caucus. What he had witnessed was Mitt Romney getting 2 votes in his local caucus, but when he checked online some hours later at the official Iowa Caucus website, Mr. True found that the Iowa state GOP had credited Romney with 22 votes in their computerized “count”. (Please note: again in 2012, as in 1996, the local Iowa Caucus goers did an honest job, but the problem came in at the STATE level via their unnecessary and bogus computerized “count.”)

Since the Iowa GOP claimed that Romney had won the statewide caucus of over 100,000 voters by only 8 votes, the Edward True affidavit meant that Santorum, not Romney, was the winner. Honest mistake or deliberate computer vote fraud? Once Edward True came forth, the State GOP spent a few days trying to discredit him. The Iowa GOP backed down, and two weeks later (January 19, 2012) certified Santorum, rather than Romney, as the winner. The Des Moines Register reported this on the same day as the certification. This change of winner by the Iowa GOP was the first time in American political history that a party had changed the winner after the night of the primary or caucus, as far is we know.

To repeat, the GOP was forced to change the officially certified winner from Romney to Santorum thanks to the efforts of Iowa first-time Caucus goer Edward True in conjunction with the efforts and support of Watch the Vote USA.

Please allow us to recap this important development one more time: In 2012, the initial published computer result at the state level, this time by the Iowa state GOP acting all by itself, objectively falsified what actually happened at the local level. Edward True was only able to catch the falsification because there was an open hand-count of paper ballots at his local caucus (one of over 1600 local caucuses held in the Iowa Caucus that year) – and the conscientiousness of this one man, together with the expertise of Watch the Vote USA – caused a CHANGE OF WINNER that year.

CNN devoted two news reports on the Edward True / Watch the Vote USA story, one by Erin Burnett, and one by Susan Malveaux. (Edward True mentioned his collaboration with WatchTheVoteUSA on the Susan Malveaux video — See the home page of

Watch The Vote USA works with citizens who are concerned about vote fraud of any kind. For instance, in 2012, the vast majority of people we worked with on conference calls and elsewhere were Ron Paul supporters. In 2016 the vast majority of people we worked with during the Primary season were Bernie Sanders supporters. WatchTheVote also worked with a few supporters of the Trump Campaign, as well as handed a one page report on the dangers of computerized vote fraud to then Presidential candidate Donald Trump himself, at his Marshalltown, Iowa rally in February, 2016.

Jim Condit, Jr.