Part 5. Appendices A-J

Watch The Vote USA Report to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

Appendices A-J – (WTV) Material:

A. Who is Watch the Vote USA? Since 1981, the Longest Operating Election Integrity Group in the USA (originally under the name Cincinnatus Action Committee from 1981 to 1995, then Citizens for a Fair Vote Count from 1996 to 2007; first Election Integrity grassroots website on the internet (March, 1996); held first national convention on Election Integrity and computerized votefraud in August 2000 at the Greater Cincinnati Airport; proved vote fraud engineered from the top against 1996 Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan in Dubuque, Iowa during the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucus; forced Iowa GOP to change the official winner of the 2012 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus from Romney to Santorum, a first in USA history as far as we know; and more;

B. The three standing US Supreme Court Decisions which forbid secret vote counts, or the diluting of the vote in any way – WatchTheVoteUSA

C. Proven Computer Hacks – Kelly Mordecai

D. The Legitimate Role of Modern Technology in US Elections (such as the Brakey Method; ballot imaging; Humboldt County, California) – Jeffrey Liberty

E. The Grand Jury – Kelly Mordecai: a great tool for the citizens to exercise checks and balances in Elections

F. WTV Report on the 2016 California Primary Kelly Mordecai

G. Proposed Disclaimer for Boards of Elections who want federal funds to keep using computer programs to process the votes on election day – Kelly Mordecai

H. FIVE BALLOT CASTING METHODS currently in operation – WatchTheVoteUSA

I. Election Night Gatekeepers – Jim Condit, Jr. : How the 12 (as of 2016) Election Night Gatekeepers have clandestinely operated in the USA from 1988 (and even back to 1973 in less comprehensive fashion) to 2016, and why they must be exposed and defanged by Election Day 2018.

J. Legal Voter Registration & IdentificationWatchTheVoteUSA