Election Integrity Positions of WatchTheVoteUSA

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Election Integrity Positions of WatchTheVoteUSA:



1) All people are exposed to risk and rewards in life and are free to choose actions that may affect their bountiful liberties in life including the right NOT to vote and the right to surrender one’s right to vote by missing deadlines, or by not following other election laws.

 2) The rights of one voter or of a few do not prevail over nor negate the rights of other voters. Example: A handicapped blind person does not have a right to a voting system, which in turn compromises my or other voter’s rights, to a full proof hand count of paper ballots (by replacing hand counting with non-secure secret machine counts, for all).

 3) Every election authority, Federal, State, & County, (and by extension, 3rd party vendors and maintenance personnel) must provide for an open and transparent election system, whereby every legal voter may exercise their right to vote and subsequently KNOW (with certainty) their ballot was counted, tallied, and reported accurately, at the place their ballot was cast, before being removed from public sight.

 4) All voter registration rolls must be updated for accuracy every 2 years. All newly registered voters must declare their previous and or secondary address. All voters must declare a primary address, which is the address for voter identification and assignment of voting precinct. Every county shall contact a voter’s previous or secondary address’ voting authority, to ensure that one precinct per voter is current nationwide.

 5) Legally registered citizens of a state MAY register to vote by providing a state issued photo ID, and having achieved the age of 18, and registering to vote at least 30 days before the election.

 6) Eliminate the recent large Voting Centers and re-open small close by, neighborhood precincts, limited in size to 2000 registered voters.

 7) Elections are a serious national security issue. Cost cannot be an issue. Election workers must be hired in sufficient numbers to hand count the ballots swiftly and accurately on election night. Funds MUST be made available to pay our election workers 2-3 times the minimum wage, so there is no shortage of help to provide 2 or 3 shifts of election workers on election day, to do the job at each precinct, and KNOW the results by midnight. Other countries do it. So can we.

 8) All voting must be performed on election day (unless by law, 2 days are permitted), which preferably, by law, would be declared an election holiday, so workers would be free to miss work to vote, without penalty.

 9) Ballots must be cast in person (by the voter, or by their legal proxy, with ID) at the voter’s precinct, on election day.

10) True Hardship Absentee Voting may be permissible by a voter choosing a legal proxy to cast their ballot in their stead, at the voter’s precinct, in person, with legal authorization forms and ID.  This is not voting by proxy, but rather casting the voter’s completed ballot only. This must be limited to the infirm, hospitalized, injured, and those whose work which requires them to be away from their precinct on election day (truckers, airline pilots & attendants, government workers etc.) Application for such must be made by the voter, or their proxy-to- be, in person, at least 7 days before the election.

 11) No legal proxy may cast more than 10 ballots on behalf of other people. Overseas and stationed military voters must establish military precincts and vote accordingly on election day, with vote tallies completed locally election night.

 12) NO MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE TO BE PERMITTED ANYWHERE, EVER. Therefore, no mail in or absentee Drop Boxes are need or permitted.


14) All ballots must be cast AT THE PRECINCTS and MUST BE counted AT THE PRECINCTS, ONLY AFTER THE POLLS CLOSE, BUT before ballots have been removed from public sight.

 15) Ballots shall be counted in the open by hand, under the eyes of scrutineers, and live feed cameras, and may also be counted by machine for further authentication of the hand count.

 16) Digital Ballot Images (photographs) will be made at the precinct, authenticated, and uploaded to the precinct internet library (for 100% full proof auditing by the voters and media), the night of the election.

 17) No state may certify an election until after the precincts have authenticated, posted, and uploaded the results to the public, by way of the precinct building public walls and the internet.

 18) Violations of Election Integrity must be punished by hefty fines and incarceration. The people and the voters in particular always maintain ‘standing’  and ‘private right to action’ to redress grievances, and to bring charges against any government official or entity who violates, or refuses to enforce, these statutes.


Jeff Liberty