Deep VoteScam Explanantion

While the Open letter linked below could be written to any Presidential candidate, or any Big Media Person with a big microphone, a leader in the Watch the Vote movement wrote an in depth explanation of the total seriousness of the votefraud problem in the below Open Letter to Donald Trump.

This Open Letter brings up the dangers of Election VENDOR fraud, i.e. fraud perpetrated against candidates and voters by the private companies hired by each county, – the very private companies which exclusively control the software which tells the election computers what to do on election night.. This is a subject that no major media person, and apparently no major Presidential candidate, is allowed to talk about.

VOTER fraud (by individual voters) is a very, very minor part of the problem, and actually all but totally irrelevant as long as we have election officials at the county and state level agreeing to allow elections to be “counted” on secret computer software. Why secret? Because these county election officials agree BY CONTRACT (with the Election Vendor) not to look at or inspect the source code of the of the privately owned software which processes our votes on election night.

In other words, the problem is not some kid in Hackensack, New Jersey or Marina del Rey, California hacking into an election computer system. The problem is the mega-vendors, – such as ES &S, Hart Civic, and Dominion (bought Diebold and Sequoia in 2013), – manipulating the systems which they run in each county to switch and falsify tens of thousands of votes in the blink of an eye, or millions of votes in the course of an election night.

And elections have been conducted this way in 49 states and 1/2 of New Hampshire since at least as far back as 1988.

Therefore, in the Open Letter linked below is found an in depth analysis of the incredible systemic problems of the election systems which have been maliciously imposed by a coalition of powerful cliques on the people of the USA.

So, please, whether you like, dislike, or are indifferent to Donald Trump – is IRRELEVANT to the contents of this Open Letter. It is really written to every person in the USA, and even every person in the world. Included are the three Supreme Court decisions which reveal current computer-counted elections to be both illegal and unconstitutional. And much, much, much more:

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Be sure to read the Open Letter down a bit on the home page, and the menu tab, “Election Nite Gatekeepers”, which also contains a youtube video.