Submit California Voter DECLARATION

This is a quick, simple task.

Click the link below to fill out and submit your Voter Declaration online:

California Voter Declaration

After submitting your Declaration, in the ‘Thank You’ message, you’ll be asked to do one more fairly easy task (optional, but extremely important), submitting a Complaint/Petition to the Civil Grand Jury in YOUR County. You can find the Complaint Form for your county at the link below. (Download complaint form & follow instructions.)

Grand Jury Complaint Form for YOUR County

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this effort, pertaining to voter suppression & election fraud during the 2016 Primary season, or if you need help with your Declaration or Grand Jury Complaint, please contact us at:, or via the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu at the top of this page.

Our Goal:

To amass 10,000 – 15,000 Declarations to be presented to multiple Civil Grand Juries for immediate attention, to be used in future lawsuits (a few in preparation), to apply pressure to the CA Secretary of State, county election officials and others, and for future political organizing in the precinct system to replace the county party leaderships and restore honest, transparent elections.


Supporting Documentation relevant to the “General Concerns” section of the Voter Declaration: