Advantages to Requiring Voters to Vote in Person, AT OWN PRECINCT

Here are some of the excellent advantages of requiring voters to vote in person, AT THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD PRECINCT:
  1. Neighborhood precincts are closer to home, cheaper, easier, & quicker to get to than centralized voting centers. (Precincts should be limited to approx 2000 voters max, not 50,000 like some voting centers).
  2. Provable chain of custody (to the voter and from the voter) to the precinct ballot box, one voter, one ballot.
  3. No voter intimidation possible by spouses, family, co-workers, employers, etc., which can readily occur with mail in voting.
  4. Ballots can be continually kept in public sight, at the precinct, during election day, from opening until closing when ballots are tallied.
  5. Smaller number of election workers and scrutineers needed at small precincts, so it is easier to manage and live stream.
  6. Easier to process ‘Power of Attorney Advocate’ casting of ‘hardship and truly handicapped’ ballots for voters registered in that precinct.
  7. Small precinct voting makes it easier to implement health safety protocols, such as: masks, hand sanitizers, air cleanliness etc., compared to large halls, gymnasiums, and arenas.
  8. Ballot image authentication can be easily implemented from the precincts, openly, and uploaded publicly, from the precincts for all to see.
  9. Ballots casts in the voter’s precincts preserves a hugely valuable tool for auditing tool for spotting potential errors and omissions.

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