Ballot harvesting ‘is now a third-degree felony,’ DeSantis said

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Nation’s First Office of Election Crimes and Security

Ballot harvesting ‘is now a third-degree felony,’ DeSantis said.
By Patricia Tolson
April 27, 2022 Updated: April 27, 2022

[During a packed April 25 press conference in Spring Hill, Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 524 into law, strengthening voting rules in the state and establishing the nation’s first Office of Election Crimes and Security at the Department of State, specifically formed to investigate and prosecute voter fraud.

While most legacy media news reports insist claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election are “unsubstantiated,” “false,” “baseless,” “unfounded,” or outright lies that have been “debunked,” other reports are surfacing with evidence of widespread fraud through ballot harvesting, the process of third-party volunteers collecting ballots and delivering them to local election offices or ballot drop boxes.

In an interview with The New York Post, Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, said much of the ballot harvesting operation in the 2020 election was funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s “carefully orchestrated” $400 million-plus campaign to “convert official government election offices into get-out-the-vote operations for one political party and to insert political operatives into election offices in order to influence and manipulate the outcome of the election.”

It was standing room only as a packed house awaited the arrival of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a press conference in Spring Hill, Florida on April 25, 2022. ]

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