Here’s what’s on the 2000 Mules site: What happens next? #Ripcord

What happens next? #Ripcord
We are now preparing the next phase of our project: pulling the #Ripcord!
Since 2020, we’ve collected a tremendous amount of data and video, along with thousands of pages of documents from open records requests. Our plan is to release it all publicly for crowdsourced review and research. We’ve only analyzed the tip of the iceberg, and there’s far more that will be revealed with the public’s help.
We will post all video and data as soon as possible. Everything must be reformatted, compressed, and organized for easier access. This is a priority for us, but it will take time. We appreciate your patience while we prepare and we share your excitement for what comes next!
If research isn’t your thing, that’s a-ok. This is just step one. There’s a lot more work to be done.
Please stay tuned. We’ll communicate via email. More information will follow.




  • Frank Henry

    Hello 2000 Mule Team,

    Every bit of new facts will help.

    Also, every new election law(s) (fed, state, local)
    that moves the election process closer to the
    rightful owners (the voters) will be great.

    For instance….here in Arizona we are pushing
    AZ HB 2780 where the voters will be able to look
    at (1)….the official list of legal voters before election
    day; (2) after election day we will be able to look at
    ALL ballot images… (3) also a list of all voters who
    cast a ballot….and other important info to be able to
    ascertain the true vote count and the true count of
    the number of ballots cast were in fact one true
    ballot from true/legal voters…etc.

  • Here in Arizona the corruption continues. Governor Ducey vetoed a bill that would require further voter integrity and the Pima County Government is trying to institute another illegal mandate that would require poll watchers to show proof of vaccination. What do you suppose that is all about. Rhetorical question!

  • Patrick Grubbs

    Very much looking forward to viewing #RIPCORD. Please keep me apprised.

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