Appendix H:


Jeffrey Liberty

(These methods along with detailed procedures to be followed are addressed in Part 3 of this submission entitled: How Votes Must be Counted: Transparency, Honesty, Verifiability)

  1. PAPER BALLOTS AT THE PRECINCTS – All voting must be carried out by the voter marking an easy to read and easily marked paper ballots with an indelible pen or marker. (The issues regarding location and placement of candidates or issues on the ballots; handling of tarnished or voided ballots by the voter; and languages required on the ballot, are separate issues not covered here)

  2. INTERNET VOTING – We hold the position that there never be any type of “internet” voting because there is no paper trail and no way to absolutely guarantee that the voter’s vote is counted and reported properly. Getting a confirmation email proves nothing. Going to a website, logging in with a password and having it report back to the voter how they voted still does not guarantee their vote is included in the tallies upstream in such a process. Internet voting opens the floodgates for the most thorough scamming of all.

  1. EARLY VOTING – Early voting should be eliminated nationwide. Early voting is subject to massive vote count fraud potential due to chain of custody issues and guarding requirements for days or weeks. Voting convenience is not a right and is never to be a reason to sacrifice the integrity of the process.

  1. ABSENTEE VOTING should be a rarity and be permitted only for those too sick or weak to go to the poll stations or necessary travel. These cases must require validation by some sort of Doctor order or affidavit. Any Absentee ballots should be counted at the end of election day, after all polls close, the same as other ballots. It is the responsibility of the voter to ensure timely delivery of their ballot or risk having them destroyed and discounted.

  1. MILITARY VOTING should be handled with proper secure chain of custody of the ballots to be counted at the end of election day after all the polls close, the same as the other ballots