Questions to ask a Poll Worker (California) to Expose Election Vulnerabilities

Questions to ask a Poll Worker (California) to Expose Election Vulnerabilities

by Kelly Mordecai 11-05-2033

The following questions are from my many times being a poll observer, and
during many elections, since 2012. (Note: These can be used in other states.)
GOAL: Gently expose poll workers ignorance that they are propagating an
“unreliable confidence” to the public, of the vote counting machines. But they
cannot do this because they don’t have first hand knowledge of what they speak.
For example: A voter walks into the precinct, and asks a poll worker, ”Are these
vote counting machines accurate?” Poll worker will say, “They are accurate and
great, and I trust them.” (I have heard this from a poll judge.) But have they any
FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE of this? They operate on “belief” as they have been
deceived by propaganda.

Candor: First, and above all, please be polite. These are people from our
community that volunteer their time to help with the election. They work from
around 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM. And they work hard, and diligently to help us.
They just don’t know what is going on inside the “Black Box” voting machine.
Point: The poll workers are unknowingly deceiving the public. This from their
“belief” that the machines are just fine. They are the “front line” in assuring
voters that the vote counting machines are fine. When they are asked this set of
questions, they may question themselves the Dominion vote counting machines.
Showing UP/ Poll Observer: Even if you are voting by mail, you can be a “poll
observer.” You do not need to check in with the county election official. Just
show up, and check-in with the Poll Judge. I encourage people to introduce
themselves, and shake the hand of the Poll Judge. And you get to stay there until
the polls close, and they lock the doors. Calif. E.C. §2300 (a) 9A

When you ask a poll worker questions, introduce yourself, and let them know you
checked-in with the Poll Judge.

Questions for a Poll Worker (Asked respectfully, & politely):

1. [In positive pose] Do you BELIEVE in these machines?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Yes. … they are great and ….. … and…. and… yes!

[KZM COMMENT: Let them talk… expound…. Listen. This is a “belief”; their
belief. This is not based on first hand examination, but only a “belief.” Later
questions will expose it is only a “belief.”]


2. Do you appreciate that the vote counting machines save a lot of your time
by counting the ballots for you?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Yes… we would be here until midnight, and I was here at
6:00 am, and I would be exhausted if we had to stay and count the ballots.
— Note: Q2 will hopefully soften them up so they will feel it as “conversation.” —
[KZM COMMENT: This is a “conversation”, not a “confrontation.” The poll
workers have done no “willful wrong.” They are not in a position to change
anything anyway. Again, be pleasant.]
3. [In positive pose] So in your belief, these machines are just fine?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Yes… yes… we really appreciate them, and they are
[KZM COMMENT: This is a reinforcement of their belief to them.]
4. How can I know these machines are 100% SECURE?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Well, we have seals, and there are all sorts of protocols
we follow to ensure the seals are not broken, and this, and that.. and the lid on
top has a lock. [KZM COMMENT: Year right! Security is a plastic lid the
thickness and flimsiness of a garbage can lid?]
5. How can I know these machines are 100% ACCURATE?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Well, the screen displays the number of ballots counted.
We count all the physical ballots, and they match the number on the screen.

[KZM COMMENT: Really… this is how to determine an accurate vote count,
for your specific candidates? And ballot initiatives? Don’t say these questions
in brackets.]

6. How can I know these machines hold zero vulnerabilities?
PROBABLE ANSWER: No vulnerabilities, they are completely safe, and……
7. Please tell me more of your first-hand knowledge that they are 100%
secure, 100% accurate, and hold no vulnerabilities?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Well… um… ah….er… um.. ah not really, but they are
safe and accurate. (Something from poll worker training and propaganda
from said training.)
8. Has anyone in Siskiyou County Government performed a forensic audit to
prove these vote counting machines are 100% secure, 100% accurate, and
hold no vulnerabilities? Is there a County Report I can read?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Well… um… ah….er… um.. ah I don’t know, but the
machines are safe and accurate. (Something from poll worker training and
propaganda from said training.) You might talk with the Poll Judge about
this. [Note: Dominion Contract forbids dissecting the machines.]
9. Has anyone in Siskiyou County Government, that is a computer
programmer examined these machines?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Um… er… I don’t know. [Dominion Contract forbids
this.] You might talk with the Poll Judge about this.

10. Is anyone in Siskiyou County Government, that is an expert in computer
security, examined these machines?


PROBABLE ANSWER: Um… er… I don’t know. [Dominion Contract forbids
this.] You might talk with the Poll Judge about this.

11. In our conversation, I heard that these machines are 100% secure, 100%
accurate, and hold ZERO vulnerabilities. Is this based on a “belief”, or
first hand knowledge from County Government’s report on the
investigative findings?
PROBABLE ANSWER: Well, … um… er… ah…. um…..I guess it would be a
belief, since haven’t seen a report from the County. I don’t know if any
county staff has examined these machines. Perhaps you should talk to the
Poll Judge. [Please be patient with these volunteers from our communities.
Patience will help them question what they have been told; told them by
propaganda. Then poll workers innocently propagate further said
propaganda onto voters. We need poll workers to be our biggest
supporters. We need to be gracious so they have the best chance of
changing their mind.]

— end of questions —

AT END OF QUESTIONS: Thank them for their time, and even shake their hand for
volunteering. Again, they are our neighbors serving the public.

What Next? They will refer you to the poll judge. You can ask the poll judge the
same set of questions… and the poll judge will tell you (close to) the same
answers. Then, the poll judge will refer you to the county election official.
Then What? Find a table, and write some notes next to each question. (Or
leave, and write it down in private…. Immediately. Even on a napkin if necessary.)
Poll Judge Conversation: Repeat of the above answers… typically. Then, they will
refer you to the county election official; deferring you up the “chain of

UNIQUE QUESTION FOR THE POLL JUDGE: I just asked a poll worker the above
questions. I’m sorry, but poll workers don’t have first hand facts to represent that

5 the vote counting machines are 100% secure, 100% accurate, and hold no
vulnerabilities. The poll workers are operating on “personal belief.” They are
telling voters from their personal “belief.” Do you think this is serving the public
to inform voters based on their “personal belief”?
Then What? The Poll Judge will defer up to the county election official. The
county election official will defer you up to the Secretary of State stating things
like, “The California Secretary of State / OVSTA has certified the Dominion Vote
Counting Machines.”

NOTE: The S.O.S. “Certification” of the Dominion vote counting “system” is only
the state certification of the Dominion software. Where is the state certification
of ALL COMPONENTS? This is required by California law.

However, the rest of the vote counting machine.. the rest… the hardware,
motherboard(s), 3rd party hardware, 3rd party microchips, video cards, 3rd party
software, 3rd party firmware, and all other 3rd party physical components……
well… I have never been able to obtain these certifications. And according to
California law, it is illegal to use a vote counting machine unless all components
are “certified” by the S.O.S.. Where are the certificates of all components? I
sent a California Records Request to my county election official, and they cannot
provide ALL certifications of ALL COMPONENTS, per California law. Probably
because said certifications do not exist.

California Election Code 19202(a) states, “(a) Except as authorized by Section
19209, a voting system, in whole or in part, shall not be used unless it has been
certified or conditionally approved by the Secretary of State prior to any election
at which it is to be used.” (Bold and underlined emphasis added.)

The following law took effect on January 1st, 2014 (SB360):
Election Code §19006 “It is the intent of the Legislature that: (a) All voting systems be
certified or conditionally approved by the Secretary of State, independent of voluntary
federal qualification or certification, before they are used in future elections to ensure that
the voting systems have the ability to meet accuracy, accessibility, and security
standards.” (Bold and underlined emphasis added.)

CONCLUSION: Nobody in the county can give you a definitive “FIRST-HAND”
investigative answer to your questions. Not one person! Why? Because the
contract with Dominion prohibits anyone from dissecting the hardware or the
software. (Did I mention the 3rd party hardware and software? And hardware
from China? See Figure 1.) They will give their “opinion” based on “belief”; their
“belief.” They will deferral up the “chain of command.” Even if you went to the
S.O.S., the staff at the S.O.S. will defer you up to the federal level… the federal
“Election Assistance Committee.” (EAC).
What is going on here? IT IS A “LONG CHAIN OF TRUST.”

We, the voter have to trust someone that trusts somebody else that trusts
another person that believes another person that trusts someone else in other
locations… people that WE DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!! When getting answers to
the vote count in our precincts, we have to trust people in our county that trust
people in areas 100’s of miles away… all the way up to Washington D.C. (EAC).
Ending: Please… grab your pen, and get in the fight! Poll observing is easy. I
have done this many times before, and these questions (and probable answers)
are from experience.

Please report your findings to: , or… on
facebook at “WatchtheVoteUSA.” I will hold a conference call so people can
report in their findings. Conference call will date and time will be on the facebook
group “WatchtheVoteUSA.”
In Liberty,

By: Kelly Z. Mordecai, 11/01/2022 530-598-9671
Board Member – WatchtheVoteUSA (facebook)

PS: Example Poll Observer Badge below. (Not required in California), but in one
election, I was told by the poll judge that I had to “register” with the county
election official. So, I left at his ignorant insistence. What he did was “illegal.”
So, I made this badge so they could not kick me out. And it helps the poll
workers, as you are openly identifying yourself.

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