Attachment E – Fictional Story

Attachment E

Fictional Story* by Kelly Z. Mordecai

To alert one’s mind to the significance of the Declarant’s comments, a fictional story is provided.

Fictional Story: In a dark ally, two men meet. One is the campaign manager (CM) for a candidate that needs help. The other man – an election fraud expert (EFE). Let’s hear their story in the dark.

CM: My candidate is “Establishment”, and isn’t doing well with the people, I’ve heard you got tricks?

EFE: What’s the advice worth?

CM: How about $2.5?

They shake hands, and two suit cases are handed over.

CM: That’s 1.25.. Million, you’ll get the rest after California turns for my candidate.

EFE: Alright, California is a semi-closed state. Here is how to do it. In this “information age”, you can figure out information on opposing voters. Obtain reliable information that they will vote for the opposing candidate. Get this from facebook, emails, and submited data from “rewards card” any electronic way possible. Then run this through a computer algorithms, With this information, develop a data base of opposing voters. Do you have this?

CM: Yes.

EFE: Then, with this ready, hack by computers the Registrar’s computer data bases, and get opposing poll voters off the rosters. Hack to prevent vote by mail ballots from being mailed. Change opposing voter’s registration data to show them registered with another party so their vote won’t count. Set up a false website so that opposing NPP [ (No Political Party) ] voters become convinced they can vote for their candidate on a NPP ballot. The NPP ballot has no presidential candidates on it. Remove voters off of the Registrar’s voter roll after they vote. When the ballot comes up as the voter is not registered, the vote is thrown away.

CM: Ah… we already got this figured out. What I need help with is how to get away with it.

EFE: Isolation.

CM: Isolation?

EFE: Yes, cause each and every disenfranchised voter to feel it only happened to them. Make them feel from poll workers and Election Clerk’s staff that it was the voter’s own fault.

CM: Yes, that way, they will never complain or look around. But I’m not sure.

EFE: Start by getting the main-stream media to call it before the election. They have to have this message from the media to begin to believe their candidate didn’t win.

CM: We got that covered. But again, before we commence this, we have to make sure we can get away with it.

EFE: What county is the highest population?

CM: Los Angeles

EFE: Hit it hard there, but you will need a few other large counties to confirm what happens in LA.

CM: We got that, but still… how to get away with it?

EFE: That is where the “Placebo Vote” comes in.

CM: What do you mean?

EFE: Mis-train poll workers and County Election Staff to “placate” people that their votes will be counted when they won’t. From the computer tricks, provisional ballots will have to be filled out in large numbers. When a voter is voting provisionally, they will have substantial time with a mis-trained poll worker. Comforting the voter their vote will be counted properly, yet due to the computer hacking, the voter will never know his vote was thrown away.

CM: I still don’t get it.

EFE: Train all the poll workers to deceive frustrated voters that in the end.. their provisional votes will be correctly counted. Train poll workers to tell voters that their votes will count, no matter what. If the voter feels placated, they won’t question, won’t dig in, won’t connect with others. If voters call election offices, train county staff to make the voter feels it was their own fault. Hide it in “normal believed government incompetence.”

CM: So, placate and isolate?

EFE: Yes… they have to “feel” their vote counted, when it won’t. If they question, the election officials talk down to them… their fault. Then, people won’t come forward, because they feel isolated. When they feel isolated, they will be accused of being a “conspiracy theory nutcase.” This isolation shuts them up.

CM: Your talking about a state-wide effort here.

EFE: The Secretary of State has to be in on it. If you have a SOS that will oppose this, or expose this, don’t even try. If the SOS is in on it, his “training the trainers” incorrectly is the key. Do training that is absolutely confusing so that poll workers are talking gibberish, then the voter is confused, but the voter is hit with the phrase, “your vote will count no matter what.” But it has to be subtle. The end result is that the voter walks away placated but confused…. ISOLATED. Never going forward, and accepting the results.

CM: Others are working on the SOS……not sure if we can get the SOS to our side. Thanks.

— End of Story —

*Story by Kelly Z. Mordecai, personally and not by Watch the Vote. This story does not necessarily represent the views of Watch the Vote.