Attachment A – Comments from Declarations

Attachment A

Comments from Declarations

(Used with the consent of the Declarant.)

The on-line Declaration at made it clear that the declarations would go to a civil law firm(s), the California Secretary of State, and county CIVIL Grand Juries in California for investigation. To protect the privacy of 144 Declarants, the below declarants were requested by e-mail if their comments could be used for this report. The e-mail went out Sunday 07/24/2016 around 6:00 pm (PST). Many emailed WTV back, and responded, “Yes, but anonymous.” 76% were glad to return an e-mail with “Yes, use my comments with my name and my county.”

Thus, there are comments with names and counties, while others are anonymous. The anonymous comments with names are retained by Watch the Vote to protect their privacy. For such a short e-mail request to use these comments, it was a relatively quick response. (Underlines added below.)

A) 2016/07/08 8:27:01 PM MDT: On June 7 I went to vote at my polling place at about 9 am. I am a registered Democrat, but noticed there were no signs advising NPP voters what their ballot options were. I asked the man handing out ballots how NPP voters could get Democratic ballots, and he told me they could not. After I voted, I spoke with the person in charge. He seemed to attempt correction, but nothing happened until I told him I would just stay until the problem was fixed. Finally the man handing out ballots stormed out on the man in charge. I was assured that all would be corrected.

I called the Monterey Election Office before noon, and they also assured me they would make sure the polling place would be run correctly, including signs to inform NPP voters. However, my neighbor, a NPP voter, was not able to get a Democratic ballot at the same polling place later in the day. He has also said there were no signs and no one who would give him information about how he could get a Democratic ballot. I can provide names of all parties involved if this helps.

I can be reached at [ redacted ph#]
Margaret M Hench

p.s. I also did canvassing in Salinas CA and encountered voters who had their registration deleted or changed or they did not receive ballots by mail, though they were able to show documentation of this. I can provide names of some of these people.

Margaret M Hench – Monterey County

B) 2016/07/09 2:44:27 AM MDT: Please see article here: My name is Jonathan Daniel Brown. I spent 4 hours fighting to vote. They claimed I was not registered to vote at a spot I had voted at many times. I had my sample ballot with me. The police were called on me and I had to call the LA Voter’s Registrar to help me talk them down and let me vote.

Jonathan Daniel Brown – LA County

Note: How does one receive a sample ballot when they are not registered to vote?

C) 2016/07/07 8:39:38 AM MDT: I live where you had to do mail in voting because we don’t have a precinct. I mailed my vote on the 2nd. As of yesterday, 7/6 my vote had not been received. I called the registrar’s office 3 times on election day trying to figure out what to do because my ballot had not been received. Each time I was told they didn’t know what I should do, and ultimately I was told to wait….that my vote was likely there but not logged yet. When I called yesterday, the supervisor there told me that there was no way I wad told that. Her employees would’ve told me to go cast a provisional ballot. Now it’s too late to do anything. My vote is lost and no one was ever able to help me and no one ever seemed to care, and I was basically called a liar when I repeated what I wad told

Karen Wood – Alameda County

D)2016/07/09 6:32:24 AM MDT: My vote by mail ballot was never reported as counted. Only received. Checked constantly each day until there was no reporting of any kind left on website

Stefano Salvioni– Alameda County

E) 2016/07/09 1:13:30 PM MDT: I personally obsessed over making sure my vote was done properly. People shouldn’t have to go to the lengths of obsession to avoid confusion, it should [be] easy – just fill in the bubble for who want to vote for, regardless of party. We are all Americans voting for American representation. I know people personally who were given provisionals who weren’t supposed to get them.

Anonymous – San Diego County

F) 2016/07/09 2:35:51 PM MDT: The training given to the staff was inadequate and many of my friends were not able to have their vote counted because of this.

Anonymous – Santa Clara County

G) 2016/07/09 3:26:06 PM MDT To date, my vote still hasn’t been counted. Something is very wrong in the ‘hood. I live in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood. I went to the local polling place, a school. It was impossible to find the right room, I drove around in circles looking. It was trash day, there was no legal parking, I had to risk a ticket. They didn’t find my name on the list. they gave me a ‘provisional ballot’. I filled it out. God knows where THAT went.

Anonymous – LA County



[The following correspondence was received from the above “Anonymous in LA County]

———- Original Message ———-
From: Anonymous>
To: “” <>
Subject: Re: Watch the Vote needs your Simple IMMEDIATE Reply to this email
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 21:41:14 -0700

Something peculiar happened after I filled out this complaint. Just a few days later, I received a postcard saying my “vote had been counted” and my provisional ballot had been accepted. For some reason, that made me uncomfortable. Why did they feel the need to inform me like that? And why so soon after my complaint? I don’t want to be paranoid but there are a lot of red flags going on and it’s possible you are being snooped on.


Anonymous – LA County


[Kelly Z. Mordecai responded back that some poll-workers were trained to “placate” voters. That they would tell voters with problems that their vote would still count. This is not true in all situations, in fact per state laws, some vote’s can’t legally be counted. Yet, the voter goes home with confidence his vote will count. This is called a “placebo vote.” One goes home believing their vote counted, when it did not.]

— End of correspondence –

Further comment by KZM: In LA County, there are frustrations expressed from many people. Is it possible that this “postcard” is actually a method of “placation?” Placebo attempt?


H) Fadra’s PLACEBO VOTE: This “Placebo Vote” occurred in Siskiyou County to a lady named Fadra, and her friend. Fadra was switched from “American Independent” to a Democrat. How did she find this out? Fadra received a Democratic mail-in ballot, via mail. She noticed the problem on election day when she opened the envelope containing the Democratic mail-in ballot. Fadra then went to the polls and discovered that she somehow was registered as a “Democrat.” She never requested this, and was upset. Then, she was given the ballot she asked for, an American Independent ballot. It was put in a provisional envelope, and the poll worker told her that her vote would count. Fadra went home believing everything was o.k., and nothing to question. When I told Fadra her vote would not in a “semi-closed primary”… because she had to be registered as an American Independent by May 23rd to vote for an AI presidential candidate. Upon hearing this, she was furious. Fadra reported that the same thing occurred to her neighbor. Her neighbor felt that everything was o.k., when they both had their presidential votes nullified.

The bottom line is that Fadra was made to feel her vote would count, and had no idea her vote did not. In doing so, she would not take any action or been upset, not knowing any better.

This is a “Placebo Vote.” Necessary to nullify 1000’s of votes without people complaining.

Fadra’s story from personal interview by Kelly Z. Mordecai – Siskiyou County, board member of Watch the Vote. It should be noted that the “mis-training” of poll workers would very likely create this placating “Placebo Vote”, that reduced the number of declarations received on the WTV website.

Interview with Fadra – Siskiyou County

I) 2016/07/10 1:58:26 AM MDT: My Mother and I handed our vote-by-mail ballots to poll worker on June 7. My Mother’s ballot was counted within a week. Mine has still not been counted! I check the “ballot status” website daily for my status. What happened to my ballot???!!


Chris Leverich – LA County

J) 2016/07/10 6:27:36 PM MDT: I wanted to surrender my mail in ballot and vote in person. The woman at the desk kept asking me to sign the outside of the envelope as though I had voted. I had to explain that I would not sign that line. Eventually, I just signed somewhere else on the envelope.

When I was finally given my ballot, I voted. I placed a single vote for Bernie Sanders and did not vote in any other races. I finished and then went to a machine to enter my ballot. There was no instruction or anyone standing there. I put in my ballot and it got sucked into the machine. My wife, voted too and she finished and asked someone is there a way the ballot is supposed to go it and the lady says to her, “face up”. Immediately, I am thinking, I put mine in the other way. Does it count? Was there a way it had to be put it? If so, why no sign? I overheard several other people having issues at my polling place. I have no confidence that our votes are being accurately counted.

David Brown – LA County

K) 2016/07/10 7:21:56 PM MDT: I was given a provisional ballot when i went to vote on june 7, when I asked for a democratic crossover ballot. The poll workers assured me that my vote will be counted. When i went to check the status of my vote online with the voter reciept number, It came up as an invalid provisional ballot number, so my vote was never counted.


Anonymous – Santa Clara County

L) 2016/07/11 3:03:21 PM MDT: As a NPP voter, I did not receive a ballot for Democrat Presidential Primary even the sample ballot says I can vote for the DEM Primary. Someone gave me information regarding this issue a day before the election.

Additionally, the closest voting place was not open on time. (7 am, 10890 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito 94530, No sign was posted at that time). At my second visit (8 am), I found that the location had been moved to the next building by a hand-written sign on the front door of 10890 San Pablo Avenue. I went to the site, then I was told my voting place was a different (much further) location. Finally, I could vote, but I felt I was not welcome to vote.

Keiji Ohshita- Contra Costa County


M) 2016/07/15 9:17:39 PM MDT: When I went to the poll, I was told that I was a vote-by-mail and needed to bring the mail-in-ballot, but I did not register as mail-in, and never received a mail-in ballot. I was told to fill out a provisional ballot and they said I could not have a receipt.


Biff Stockton – Alameda County

N) 2016/07/16 7:36:04 AM MDT: I wanted to vote by mail and requested a democratic ballot. I received a NPP ballot. I then went to the polls on election day to surrender my blank NPP ballot and requested a democratic crossover ballot, and was given (very rudely) a plain democratic ballot (which is only for registered democrats, which I am not), and a provisional ballot envelope. The poll workers then put my provisional ballot in a separate box.


Michael Sotirupoulos – San Diego County

O) 2016/07/19 12:06:48 PM MDT: My husband, two adult children and i voted absentee ballot- we all register as NNP- and were told both by the sonoma county registrar and bernie sander’s site that we could cast our vote for bernie under no party preference...every time i checked to see if our votes were counted, all it said was “ballot returned good” i called 4 times and got a different answer every time…still do not know if our votes were, in fact counted- BUT bernie did flip sonoma county and won!


Lisa Elizabeth Barkman- Sonoma County

Note: It is true that in California, a NPP voter can cast a vote for Bernie Sanders, but only with a Democratic Cross-Over Ballot. However, the NPP mail-in voters cannot vote for Bernie Sanders on a NPP ballot. There are no presidential candidates on an NPP ballot. A write-in for president is legally invalid on a NPP Ballot. The mail-in voters had to request a Democratic Cross-Over Ballot to be sent to them in the mail. Then they send back the Democratic Ballots in the mail.

See the confusion the Barkman family experienced in this comment? A lady, her husband, and two adult children couldn’t figure this out. It is not believed that this family is stupid. The confusion is also prevalent in the weekly WTV conference calls from callers state-wide. It is a little concerning that the staff at the Sonoma County Registrar didn’t, or couldn’t explain this clearly to this family.

To answer Lisa’s concern, her and her family member’s votes for any president was invalid, and would not count. Their vote for president was invalidated on an NPP mail-in ballot.

It is concerning that the County Registrar didn’t tell the family that they had to ask for a Democratic Ballot by mail to vote for Bernie Sanders. This means that possibly, if the County Registrar deliberately misled, the Barkman Family, this would be beyond “misfeasance”, leading to “malfeasance” by a county employee. This confusion of NPP voters is another form of “vulnerability” that could affect the outcome. Particularly if Registrar’s office staff was mis- trained by someone to do this.

Even more frightening, Registrar’s office staff could receive a call from Mrs. Barkman, and ask her, “Glad to help you, who do you want to vote for?” Mrs. Barkman could say with trust, “Bernie Sanders”, then a manipulative staff could say, “Oh, you can vote for Bernie Sanders on an NPP ballot.” VULNERABILITY EXPOSED!

It is also possible that the Bernie Sanders website mentioned above may have been a fake website to misinform NPP voters, eliminating votes. VUNLNERABILITY EXPOSED!

Mrs. Barkman came forward. How many like her didn’t know any better (Placated by “Placebo”, or Election staff), thus didn’t know to ask the right questions? Mrs. Barkman still does not know if her vote did not count. If I call her, and tell her her vote was invalid, she will be very upset.

P) 2016/07/19 8:54:49 PM MDT: I had early mail in ballot, then checked after june 7, and was not registered to vote.

Stanley Sparro – Marin County


Note: The above comments were collected from GoogleDocs. The below were collected by Formstack.

Q) 7/20/2016 0:33: As a public observer at the ROV office in san bernardino County I became aware the provisional ballots that were npp were being duplicated as Democratic ballots and the presidential contest was not being counted. I personally brought this to the attention of the community relations manager, melisa eickman and Michael scarpello. I also logged this info in I also have a recording of each day of observed that needs to be uploaded to the site.

Blanca Gomez – San Bernardino County




R) 7/22/2016 18:29: I was a registered Independent & never received my mail in ballot as I had for the past 10 years prior. I was unable to vote in the Democratic primary. I knew about the steps to vote for Bernie in the primary. I found out when I contacted the registrars office that I wasn’t registered to vote which was preposterous. It was of course way too late. I knew the declaration I had to make to have my vote counted when voting in an out of party race. Even with all of that the fact I wasnt registered at all is troublesome. I am very active politically & I take my right to vote as an American Citizen very seriously. Why did this happen now when it has never happened before?*

Thank You,

Tony Robert Contreras-San Diego County

*This comment is a combination from the “on-line Declaration”, and an e-mail from Mr. Contreras.


S) 7/23/2016 3:56: Both my wife and I, long-time voters, were dropped from the rolls. Upon hearing about the widespread problem with this, we both went to the SOS.CA website and to to check, and re-registered (I, from NPP to D).

On Election Day, I was able to vote at the poll, only because I’d checked and re-registered.
My wife Donna, however, was one of those mysterious “suddenly-mail-in” (Um, NO) voters and voted a provisional ballot at the poll. She did receive the card from the R&R office later, indicating that her provisional ballot was accepted, and she indeed voted.

Part of the investigation needs to include how many of us were excluded in these ways, and just what the signature trail reveals of how it happened.

Philip I. Barnes-Roberts – LA County


Note to Mr. Roberts: Very good suggestion. In the Registrar’s Office, there should be a paper trail if someone that dropped your voter registrations, or switched someone’s party affiliation. However, if the databases where tapped into by computer hackers, there will be no paper trail. If you go to the Registrar’s office, and see no paper trail, then you can be sure someone hacked the data and removed your voter registration.


Appreciation Expressed

Watch the Vote appreciates the consent of the above declarants to use this information in this report. Your “physical world” observations display what is happening within the “electronic world.” Without your efforts, and declarations, election fraud in the “electronic world” is hard to prove.