Attachment B – Method for Collecting Declarations

Attachment B

Method for Collecting Declarations, and other information.

(revised by Jeff Liberty 2017-07-30)

WTV placed on the website, an “on-line declaration” form. Declarants were able to “check the box”, regarding what they experienced. These Declarants were also able to comment. (Attachment A provides several of these comments.) 144 Declarations were collected after marketing efforts commenced around July 9th, 2016. WTV suspects that had better marketing, and promotion commenced in mid-June, the number of Declarations would have been in the thousands. As it is, WTV is composed of limited unpaid volunteers.

Additional Information: In weekly conference calls, people called in with stories, and one common thread was “confusion”. The California Primary election process was very confusing; poll workers were undertrained, and even deliberately mis-trained. WTV has been working on election integrity issues for over four years, and, as an organization had to ferret out all the complex problems [that occurred in the 2016 California Primary] in order to prepare a special on-line declaration form for California voters. WTV then launched this “declaration drive” effort.”

In addition, the problems were so hidden in trickery and confusion, that each individual voter probably felt their problem was unique. They probably felt that if they reported their problem, people would think they were strange. Many felt “isolated” in their experience. WTV Board Member Kelly Z. Mordecai contacted one declarant, and explained that her experience was not unique. This broke the Declarant’s “isolation”, and she started to cry… slightly. This “Isolation” is probably another reason why only 144 Declarations came forward. However, Mr. Mordecai believes the 144 is sufficient to motivate a CIVIL grand jury to investigate.

Declaration Status: On the on-line form, each Declarant made a statement of “I Declare that the following/foregoing is true and correct.” (There were two different declaration forms, thus the “following/foregoing” in the sentence above.)