Attachment F – Words from Jim Condit Jr.

Attachment F

Words from Jim Condit Jr., Founder – Watch the Vote

(revised as noted by Jeffrey Liberty 07-30-2017)

Jim Condit Jr. has been an activist to expose election fraud since 1979. He was mentored by the Colliers who wrote a book about election fraud. His words below are a quick summary of his observations over the years:

The greatest of these election fraud problems has two aspects: 

a) that county election officials have hired a handful of private corporations to process the votes on secret computer programs which neither the election officials nor the public are allowed to examine. This counting of votes in secret is a violation of every voter’s right to KNOW how his or her vote was counted, as required by the US Constitution (“consent of the governed”) and by at least two standing US Supreme Court decisions, US v Mosley (1915) and Reynolds v Sims (1964). Both of these Supreme Court decisions say that our right to vote counts of two parts: 1) the right to cast a vote; 2) the right to KNOW that one’s vote is counted accurately. It is this second part of our right to vote that is being violated in California (and in 49 others states at primaries and at the general election).

b) Furthermore, in every county in California the ballots are taken out of the public sight before the ballots are run through the “black box” computerized scanners or computers, where votes can easily be flipped from one candidate to another candidate. In fact, to fulfill the requirements of the US Constitution and these two US Supreme Court decisions, there must be paper ballots hand-counted by the people in each precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. This is not being done in any county in California, and thus every voter is disenfranchised because the secret computer counts make it impossible for voters so KNOW that their vote was counted accurately, a requirement of both US Supreme Court Decisions, US v Mosley (1915) and Reynolds v. Sims (1964) “

Jim Condit Jr. 07/25/2016