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(Please read the following information and instructions regarding submitting your Civil Grand Jury Complaint Form. If you need any help at all, please ask via the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu above.)


Your complaint should be against the department responsible for elections in your county. Your complaint could be against the County Elections Department, Elections Division, Registrar of Voters, or County Clerk’s office, although ‘Elections Department’ should be adequate. Checking your county’s Election webpage for the proper terminology and any other needed information is advised. See: All 58 CA County Election Websites 

Issues that you could include in your complaint are your own experience of course, but also your concerns. Maybe you’re disgusted by massive voter disenfranchisement. Maybe you don’t trust that the county election results are accurate. Maybe you think that some election officials have committed election fraud, or maybe you just think that huge mistakes have been made, but either way you want the problems fixed.

You could include issues that have potentially undermined the accuracy and transparency of elections in your county, such as ballot custody, potential computer vote fraud, or obvious widespread voter suppression tactics (voters’ party affiliations being changed without their consent, their names being dropped from the voter rolls or from their polling place rosters, wrong ballots being given to voters, voters being forced to vote provisionally, misinforming poll workers during their training, etc).

You could include something about how our election officials, whether knowingly or not, abdicate their responsibility and violate the public trust, by delegating their governmental authority to private corporations that process our votes in secret, via secret “proprietary” software (that can be easily hacked, or pre-programmed, to falsify the results), and the fact that not even our election officials are allowed to inspect the source code of the secret software.

You might mention that secret vote counts are in violation of at least two standing U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Reynolds vs. Sims (1964) and US vs. Mosley (1915), in which the Court ruled that our right to vote consists of two parts:a) the right to cast a ballot; b) the right to know that our vote was counted accurately).

You might choose to mention that when the top election official in the county certifies the results, because of potential computer vote fraud as well as inadequate security and transparency of ballots’ chain of custody (broken chain of evidence), they will do so without actually knowing that the results they certify are accurate.

What you choose to include is entirely up to you. Write what you are concerned about, in whatever way you feel comfortable. The goal is to honestly lodge your complaint and motivate grand jurors to take action.

Your county’s form may ask what effort you have made to resolve the issue. A telephone conversation with someone at your elections department that does not resolve the issues should suffice.

You may be asked on your county’s form what actions you want to see happen, or what you would like the Grand Jury to do. Firstly, we want the Grand Jury to INVESTIGATE the matter. You could ask that the way the county elections are conducted is changed, to ensure transparency and accuracy, to ensure the chain of evidence (paper ballots’ chain of custody, as well as our votes in digital form) remains secure throughout the election process. You could write that your county election officials must stop delegating their authority, to ensure fair and honest elections, to private corporations and their easily manipulated, secret software. You could demand the return to hand-counted paper ballots – counted, posted, and reported, at EVERY local polling place, BEFORE the ballots are removed from public sight. You could ask for the indictment and removal from office any officials who have violated the public trust, or any other solution you think is needed. Write whatever you think is appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu bar above. If you need help, we are available.

(Also, once you have submitted your complaint, please let us know which County Civil Grand Jury you submitted it to. Thanks!)

Many county’s have instructions on the form itself. Others have instructions on their website.

Links to the websites of all 58 County Grand Juries in California are available at the California Grand Jury Association (CGJA) website here: — and a list of mailing addresses is here:

A few county’s allow the option of submitting your complaint online. If submitted online, please attach supporting pages if possible (if not possible, after submitting online, please also mail a copy of the complaint along with any supporting attachments you have). In many counties, you may also be able to submit your complaint in person. If you do that, please get a time-stamped receipt.

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The document linked below should be submitted with Civil Grand Jury complaints:

Grand Jury Power to be attached with a Petition or Complaint

Examples of Civil Grand Jury Complaints & Confirmation of Receipt Documents:

Petition Example – Siskiyou County 2016

Example Petitions and Confirmation of Receipt from LA County 2012

Please Note:
1. In 2012, there was not enough specifics to LA County to invoke a Civil Grand Jury action from the LA County Grand Jury.
2. This time, from the Declaration Drive, we have more.  The specific declarations need to be included in the Complaint to your county.
3. Contact us (at the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of this page) to obtain these declarations for your county.

Links to the websites of all 58 County Grand Juries in California are available at the California Grand Jury Association (CGJA) website here: — and a list of mailing addresses is here:

If you have any questions or suggestions, or need any help with your complaint, please contact us via the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu bar at the top of this page. Thanks.