About Watch The Vote

We are a diverse group of individuals who are dedicated to the fight for honest, transparent elections. We have members from all over the political spectrum. While we each have our own individual political leanings, we are a non-partisan group.

We came to prominence during the 2012 Primary Season, “watching the vote” in the caucus states, when Ron Paul and his supporters were being cheated by the Republican establishment. We forced the Iowa GOP to change the “winner” of their caucuses from Romney to Santorum, a first in American history, as far as we know.

In 2016, we’ve seen similar rigging within the Democratic Primaries against Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

We all now see that voter suppression, computer vote fraud, and other forms of election fraud are perpetrated within both major parties.

We are fighting for honest, transparent elections, for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.


Kelly Mordecai – California
Author, “The Hidden Fourth Branch”, activist

Lori Stacey – South Dakota

Columnist, The Washington Examiner, activist, votefraud expert

 Mike Smith – Texas
Activist, Key Player in Forcing the Iowa State GOP to Admit they announced the wrong “winner” for the 2012 Iowa Caucus

Jim Condit Jr. – Ohio
Author, “Reasonable Access Law”, candidate, activist, fighting for honest elections and against easily-rigged computerized elections since 1979

Ruben LeBlanc – Kansas
Precinct Activist and Leader

Tarah Baptista – Pennsylvania
Columnist, American Free Press, Activist

Merlin Miller – Tennessee
West Point, Founder, Author, Film Maker

Steve Martin – Maine
Radio Talk Host, Activist

Walter Reddy – Connecticut
Long Time Activist, VoteFraud Warrior for Honest Elections, Sound Money Activist

Nova Montgomery – Florida
Freedom Activist, VoteFraud Warrior for Honest Elections

Chris Curto – California
Freedom Activist, VoteFraud Warrior for Honest Elections

Gavin Greer – New York
Freedom Activist, VoteFraud Warrior for Honest Elections

Judy Spady – Colorado
Freedom Activist, Defend Not Amend, Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul – 2012 Republican  National Convention

Nancy Jacques – New Mexico
Freedom Activist, Key Player, Tireless Worker in Watch the Vote 2012 Effort

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