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2017 Harri Hurst (of Hacking Democracy) & computer experts: How Easy it is to Hack Our Elections.

Riveting testimony to the 2017 Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Security. Features Harri Hurst (of Hacking Democracy fame) and other computer experts explaining how easy it is to hack our elections. Trump’s team should be showing this 83 min of video at every hearing. Testimony of these 3 experts begins at 6:29:00 and Harri Hursti specifically at 7:04:45. Presidential Advisory

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Blackbox Voting Report on Election Fraud – Tucker Carlson on FOX

Tucker Carlson on  FOX11-16-20 Tucker BLOWS THE LID OFF and lays the facts out there For the first time on American national television, someone dares name The 3 major Election Vendors who own over 95% of the election machinery and re-programmable software used in the USA: Watch this video on YouTube Three Major Election Vendors Control The Election Count in

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