Submit Your California Voter Declaration

This is a quick, simple task.

Click the link below to fill out and submit your Voter Declaration online:

California Voter Declaration

After submitting your Declaration, in the ‘Thank You’ message, you’ll be asked to do one more fairly easy task (optional, but extremely important):

Submit a Complaint/Petition to the Civil Grand Jury in YOUR County. You can find the Complaint Form for your county at the link below. (Download complaint form & follow instructions.)

Grand Jury Complaint Form for YOUR County

If you need help with your Declaration or Grand Jury Complaint, or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this effort, please contact us via the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu above, or at

Our Goal:

To amass 10,000 – 15,000 Declarations to be presented to multiple Civil Grand Juries for immediate attention, to be used in future lawsuits (a few in preparation), to apply pressure to the CA Secretary of State, county election officials and others, and for future political organizing in the precinct system to replace the county party leaderships and restore honest, transparent elections.


  • Chuck

    Please subscribe me to your email list.

    • Chris Curto

      Your email address has been added to our contacts. Our signup form was recently removed because it wasn’t working correctly, but it should be back up on the website soon. When you see that it has been restored, please register for our email list there. Thanks.

  • Carolyn Caffrey

    Are you working with Ray Lutz and the folks at ? They just won a pretty remarkable case against San Diego County re the total debacle of voting there. As I recall the judge found in their behalf but was unsure what he could offer in the way of relief. They were talking about proceeding with a Grand Jury investigation as well. Also they have wikipages for all of their different projects (the election “hot” ones are highlighted in yellow). They have developed “snapshot audits” that citizens can do to identify precincts that are priority for conducting 1% audits to determine fraud. They have weekly online training for activists on how to approach election officials, properly conduct the audits and note problems. They also have procedures for training poll watchers, poll workers, and for people to document voting irregularities they encounter.

    They have a second sign-up right now under the name ElectionOversight2016 to organize team leaders from around the country to review and challenge voting procedures in 175 counties that represent about 80% of the voters in the country. As these are obviously urban counties, they recognize that they need semi-autonomous team leaders who can help organize lots of people to cover the precinct work. One thing is for certain: even those motivated by wanting the truth about the real results of the primary elections have a vested interest in transforming election procedures or else be perpetually frustrated by the same frauds being used to defeat Green Party and other progressive down-ballot candidates from the city level to Congress!.

    I keep running across different election integrity activist groups and it seems to me that the more THEY interconnect as a consortium and work to come up with best practices the better off we are. We DEFINITELY need attorney talent, and a pool of finances to fund legal challenges. We also need a plan for getting rid of these godawful voting machines.

    I would also LOVE to see some attorneys taking on (more like taking OUT) the voter purge program called Crosscheck run out of Sec. of State Kris Kobach’s office that “supposedly” identifies suspected double-voters and removes them from voting rosters. Their points of positive identification are a sham and mostly target people with common last names (so disproportionately affect Black, Latino and Asian-American voters). Greg Palast and Al Jazeera America have done a huge amount of work on this. They have an excellent report on this focused on NC called Jim Crow Returns. I believe 25 states have turned over their rosters to Kobach’s program.

    An excellent new statistical analysis has just been released in a 39-page report looking at the vote patterns mathematically to determine likely manipulation. The lead author of the study is lulu Fries’dat working with professional statisticians to determine where vote count patterns diverge from what numbers laws show should be the way they graph. Election Justice USA has released a 100-page report incorporating this study. Ms. Fries’dat was clear to point out that it was an independent report however. There is an excellent video interview with her and TYT reporter Jordan Chariton here: links to her report and a short film are in the notes section.

    Also of note is that former Pres. Jimmy Carter just launched a page regarding election observation in the U.S.

    Last but CERTAINLY not least: Bernie is going to livestream THIS COMING WEDNESDAY the first “what’s next for our revolution” house parties organized as he did in his campaign. I think election integrity REALLY needs to be on the list and these already motivated supporters ought to be engaged on getting trained and organized in their local areas. Here’s an explanation with links:

    Would be great to have election integrity front and center right now.

    Sorry for the long post but obviously I think this is CRITICAL to any kind of election integrity is reapportionment. I think we need to have a movement for activists to pass State Constitutional amendments to have independent expert commissions be in charge of redistricting. We have 3 election cycles to try and accomplish this before the 2020 decade year. We got slammed in Texas, and Austin in particular. We are the largest city in the US without a Congressional District contained within our boundaries. We have SIX Congressional Reps each with a slice of Austin; only 2 actually LIVE in Austin…only ONE is a Democrat! And, Austin residents comprise the majority in NONE of them (27% is our highest concentration)!! Districts run from Austin almost to Houston, into Deep East TX, up towards Dallas and Fort Worth and the one that has a Democrat, Lloyd Doggett, includes part of San Antonio…and a lot of pretty conservative rural counties in between. In the State Lege, Democrats couldn’t even bust a quorum until 2014…by 2 votes! Thanks for hearing me! Thanks for your work on election integrity.

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